*Many of the exercises that dominate the Kundalini Yoga practice are designed to redirect the primal energies of the body to flow upwards, opening and awakening the higher centers of consciousnesses. Both pregnancy and menstruation are special times for woman to give respect to the natural flow of these energies and allow them to be. All exercises that stimulate the navel, invert the body or direct the energy upwards as during Mulabhanda or Root Lock are thereby contradicted. If you are pregnant you can practice regular Kundalini Yoga until the 120th day. After that time practice only prenatal yoga.

Stress Busting Set For Adrenals and Kidneys

A Powerful kriya for rejuvenation. Get out of fatiguing stress, experience joy with full energy! With a 1 hour relaxation.

Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes Minutes
Arcline Meditation To Relieve Anxiety and Stress

A meditation for relieving anxiety and stress, it is practiced for exactly 11 minutes. This meditation strengthens the arc line. Experience calm, peace, and nuturing..

Time: 12 Minutes
Kids Breathing Exercise For Good Sleep and Insomnia Relief

This breathing exercise relieves troubled sleep and creates a rejuvenating sleep. Great meditation for kids before bed. Alternate tune in for children, especially recorded for kids, families, and caregivers.

Time: 19 Minutes
10 Steps To Peace And Find Forgiveness Quick Meditation

Easy and quick method to remove a memory or situation that triggers you. It helps us forgive ourselves, and others. Whether it is a recent event or something that happened many years ago you can use this method to achieve forgiveness and release.

Time: 9 Minutes
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