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Acceptance of Terms

Please review the basic guidelines and rules that govern this site carefully. By using the site, and clicking the accept terms and conditions button on the registration and purchase page, you are agreeing to these terms, including the liability disclaimers set forth in our videos, and our store policies.

Important Precautions

Use of this video is solely at your own risk. Consult your doctor before beginning this, or any exercise program. If you experience pain or discomfort during an exercise, stop immediately and consult your doctor. Important precautions – women who are menstruating or pregnant should not practice inverted poses, stimulate the navel, or draw the energy upward as during Mulabhanda or Root Lock. Pregnant woman should only practice prenatal yoga after the 120 day. Extra care and precautions may apply to individuals with specific health issues. Consult your doctor to find out if restrictions apply to you. Read our FAQ before beginning your first class.

Returns and Refunds

We provide a 30 day free trial of premium membership, and free membership so you can experience Kundalini Yoga worry free, before making a commitment. Cancel any time during the 30 day trial period and you will not be billed. Cancel your membership anytime thereafter and membership will not be charged for your next billing cycle. Cancel your membership by logging in and going to your account panel or log into your Paypal account and cancel via your subscriptions. Please Contact Us if any problems or concerns should arise and we will respond as soon as possible. Online trainings have individual return policies.

Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Use of this site is solely for your own personal use. You may not copy, reproduce distribute, broadcast, or sell any video content originating from this site without express permission. If you do wish to share or use content from this web site, requests may be made here.

Public Forum and Blog

Aquarian Yogi reserves the right to terminate membership if any member is found engaging in illegal activity through the technology of our website. Posting of copyrighted material, or obscene information is strictly prohibited, and Aquarian Yogi reserves the right to immediately terminate membership without warning, or refund.

General Disclaimer

Our videos are intended for private use by our members. We cannot guarantee that this program is safe and appropriate for every individual. For that reason, this product is sold without warranties or guarantees of any kind. Any liability, loss or damage in connection with the use of this program, including but not limited to any liability, loss or damage resulting from the performance of the exercises demonstrated here, or the information given, is disclaimed. You acknowledge by use of this website, that it is soley at your own risk.


This site is not intended for persons under the age of eighteen. If you are under age permission from a legal guardian is required, you must have a parent or legal guardian contact us before registering for membership or using this site.


Any information we collect is for the sole purpose of use on this site, for example, creating membership profiles, and processing payments. We are sensitive to the importance of private information and the security of your personal information. We do not share, sell, or make public in any way your personal data collected during the use of this site. Some functionality of this website relies on the use of other services and websites who may have different privacy policies.


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