Get The Body Out Of Distress and Totally Neutralize Tension

This easy kriya stimulates the bodies energy to move and release stagnant energy relieving the body of built up stress. The meditation helps relieve tension.

Time: 1 Hour 8 Minutes
Padmani Kriya For Women To Energize and Heal

A Pranayam/breath exercise only for women. Do this meditation for 3 – 11 minutes to experience relief and energize your body.

Time: 11 Minutes
Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a foundational Pranayam in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It is an easy breath that is invigorating, detoxifying, balancing, stress relieving and centering. Sat Nam Kaur's latest free video.

Time: 7 Minutes
10 Steps To Peace And Find Forgiveness Quick Meditation

Easy and quick method to remove a memory or situation that triggers you. It helps us forgive ourselves, and others. Whether it is a recent event or something that happened many years ago you can use this method to achieve forgiveness and release.

Time: 9 Minutes
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