Womens Laying Down Meditation - Kirtan Kriya

A laying down meditation for women that balances all the moon centers you can do with your baby or by yourself from 3-31 minutes.

Time: 10 Minutes
4 Stroke Breath Meditation To Relieve Stress

A Pranayama breath meditation to relieve stress, create patience, and build lung capacity. Especially good for postnatal blues. Suitable for everyone.

Time: 11 Minutes
Kriya for Lungs, Magnetic Field, and Deep Meditation

Suitable for all yogis. A gentle kriya that opens the lungs and energizes the aura preparing you for deep meditation.

Time: 36 Minutes
Achieve Emotional Balance and Calm The Nerves

Meditation for emotional balance and to calm the nerves. Suitable for everyone.

Time: 12 Minutes
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