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[one-sixth-first]Class #1 Intro Lecture[/one-sixth-first]
[one-sixth]Class #2 Meditation Intro[/one-sixth]
[one-sixth]Class #3The Way Of It[/one-sixth]
[one-sixth]Class #4 Transform Anger Into Radiance[/one-sixth]
[one-sixth]Class #5
Fulfill Your Longing For Love
[one-sixth]Class #6 Create Positve Pride[/one-sixth]

videotitlesRSHMetamorphosize turbulent emotions with Dr. Sham Rang using the sacred and ancient sciences of Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda. Create a harmonious relationship with reality, love life and yourself from the identity of the true self. Inspiring lecture and simple meditations suitable for everyone.