*Many of the exercises that dominate the Kundalini Yoga practice are designed to redirect the primal energies of the body to flow upwards, opening and awakening the higher centers of consciousnesses. Both pregnancy and menstruation are special times for woman.

All exercises that stimulate the navel, invert the body or direct the energy upwards as during Mulabhanda or Root Lock are not done during menstruation. If you are pregnant you can practice regular Kundalini Yoga until the 120th day. After that time practice prenatal yoga – EXCLUDE POSTURES THAT APPLY PRESSURE TO THE ABDOMEN, OR ARE OVER STIMULATING. Do not do – Breath of Fire, Left Lifts, Mulbhand, Inverted Postures, Sat Kriya, or that raise your pulse higher then 140, or laying on the back. Relax on your side instead.

Meditation For The Neutral Mind Experience The Soul

The neutral mind lives for the touch of vastness, where we experience our own soul. Call on the higher self through the neutral mind, penetrate through all barriers with this meditation.

Time: 32 Minutes
Hydration and Breath Technique For Emotional Balance

Dehydration is a major cause of stress and emotional imbalance. 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. Take a breath right now, and ask your body - Am I Drinking Enough Water?...

Time: 10 Minutes
Deep Healing Meditation For Brain Balance

Deeply healing breath and meditation exercise for children and adults.

Time: 32 Minutes
Breath To Relieve Stress and Clear Emotions

Learn this breathing technique for yourself, your kids, students, or patients. Sat Nam Kaur is a veteran educator that works with special needs children and families, teachers and caregivers.

Time: 9 Minutes
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