Kriya for Lungs, Magnetic Field, and Deep Meditation

Suitable for all yogis. A gentle kriya that opens the lungs and energizes the aura preparing you for deep meditation.

Time: 36 Minutes
Conquer Self Animosity Meditation

Conquering self animosity meditation. Sat Avtar Kaur's experience of healing sexual trauma with yoga and meditation.

Time: 17 Minutes
Beginner Basics Tune In and Closing

How and why we begin and end a kundalini yoga class. Learn the mantra we begin with, the Adi mantra, and end with Sat Nam.

Time: 8 Minutes
Guru Ram Das For Miracles Meditation

Guru Ram Das 'The Lord of Miracles' chant meditation to a beautiful rendition of Guru Ram Das.

Time: 20 Minutes
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