Stress Busting Set For Adrenals and Kidneys

A Powerful kriya for rejuvenation. Get out of fatiguing stress, experience joy with full energy! With a 1 hour relaxation.

Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes Minutes
Increase Self Love – Kriya and Meditation with Sham-Rang

A full kriya class with Sham-Rang. An opening pranayam and breathing excersize is followed by a kriya to remove blocks in the flow of prana and apana. Enjoy a relxation and meditation. Dr. Sham-Rangs message is one of increasing the experience of self love.

Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
10 Steps To Peace And Find Forgiveness Quick Meditation

Easy and quick method to remove a memory or situation that triggers you. It helps us forgive ourselves, and others. Whether it is a recent event or something that happened many years ago you can use this method to achieve forgiveness and release.

Time: 9 Minutes
Breath Deep And Clear Emotions of the Past

Suitable for all ages. A full yoga class with a kriya, relaxation and deep guided meditation for clearing emotions of the past.

Time: 37 Minutes
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