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Online live, interactive Kundalini Yoga classes will debut in the Spring 2014. Sign up for a FREE Membership to receive notification of launch and to join our first FREE Aquarian Yogi Live™ Kundalini Classes.


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The Aquarian Yogi FREE Membership gives you access to our free videos which we are constantly updating. Through these videos we aim to introduce people to Kundalini Yoga. We offer introductory videos for our special class series, and to introduce our teachers. Try different classes.



Student and Teacher Memberships – COMING SOON

We know how transformative and supportive a yoga practice can be to health, and happiness. We want to make sure the technology of Kundalini Yoga is available to as many people as possible. We will be offering a full time student and educational teacher membership and discounts on our Aquarian Yogi Live™ classes.


Video Class Bundles & Yearly Access – COMING SOON

Our video class bundles allow you to purchase discounted credits for video purchases and also accomodate yearly access which allows you to download all our videos. As we add more videos to our catalog these options will be made available.




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