Break the Mask

Authenticity isn't just a way of living - it is a state of being and feeling. When we are aligned we experience real self-love, peace and an unshakable inner knowing. This 31 minute meditation breaks down blocks to experience our source self.

Time:36 Minutes
Harmonious Energy and Enlightenment

Give yourself to the harmonious energies of healing, give your imbalances to the energy of this meditation. This meditation uses pranayama, mudra and mantra for alchemical transformation. Immerse yourself in sound to penetrate the invisible dimension of your being.

Time:37 Minutes
Calm and Radiant Energy

Create and expand a state of calm and radiant energy through the chaos.A shorter 25 minute class with a meditation and yin yoga warm up.

Time: 25 Minutes
Ong Meditation Voice Activation

Ong is the sound of the creative force unmanifested. This sound resonates at the 'conch' area - the creative center that connects to the soul energy at the third eye. This meditation brings you into your self, harnessing your creative power.

Time: 11 Minutes
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