Relief From Stress

Stress has a positive and negative side. It can propel you to act. In this series we aim to use stress to act, not react. Learn to drop stress, and use the energy for self care and awareness.

Time: 20 Minutes
Heal and Nurture The Hidden You

This warm, calming meditation is like being embraced. You will become thoughtless. You will experience deep inner peace and relaxation. Concentrate on the breath and it will give you a power and prevailing peace.

Time: 36 Minutes
Reach To The Heavens Sat Kriya For 22 Minutes

If there is one kriya to practice daily it is this. Balance the lower chakras and experience powerful meditative healing energy.

Time: 1 Hour 3 Minutes
Sat Kriya 3 Minute with 2 Minute Rests 3 Cycles

Sat Kriya 3 cycles of 3 minutes with 2 minute rests. Balance the lower chakras, release entrenched patterns of fear, wounds of childhood, and psychologically damaging patterns. Feel meditative healing energy powerful ‘everything’ kriya.

Time: 1:03 Minutes
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