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Aquarian Yogi’s purpose is to help people develop an accessible, and inspiring yoga and meditation practice. Through our downloadable videos, online classes, and blog posts we share the information we use to create balance, strength, and joy in our life. We share with each other our experiences, our joys, and our tears. We support each other to grow strong in our bodies, clear in our minds, and compassionate in our souls. 

Read our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’

When is the best time, and how often should I do yoga?

Anytime that fits your schedule, and any day is a wonderful time to do yoga. Some people find a practice in the morning, before they set out for the day is the best time for them. For others it may be after work, before bed. We all lead very different lives and need to consider what works best for us. One class a weeks or every day, how often you practice yoga is up to you.

What do I need for a Kundalini Yoga class, how should I prepare?

Where is the best place to practice? Find a space you can separate yourself from distractions. Make sure it is clean, and comfortable for you. It could be the corner of a room, a bedroom, even outside during good weather. View our Beginner Basics Series to learn more about starting a Kundalini Yoga practice.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, cotton and natural fibers are ideal.

What if I have an injury or cannot do certain poses?

Never strain yourself practicing yoga. If you have an injury check in with your own wisdom. Modify the pose as you need. Do not do anything that causes you pain or further injury. If you are unsure, your best course is to not do the exercise. View our Foundation Series to for instruction on modification.

What if I am pregnant or menstruating?

Many of the exercises that dominate the Kundalini Yoga practice are designed to redirect the primal energies of the body to flow upwards, opening and awakening the higher centers of consciousnesses. Both pregnancy and menstruation are special times for woman to give respect to the natural flow of these energies and allow them to be. All exercises that stimulate the navel, invert the body or direct the energy upwards as during Mulabhanda or Root Lock are thereby contradicted. If you are pregnant you can practice regular Kundalini Yoga until the 120th day. After that time practice only prenatal yoga.

Should I practice when I am feeling unwell?

Yogic practice is always a good idea and a positive space to be in. The benefits of kundalini yoga go far beyond the physical and many find simply sitting or even resting in class space to be of great benefit even if not physically active at all. Ultimately your body knows what it needs. Consult a qualified physician if you are unsure.

Where can I find more information about Kundalini Yoga?

Where can I get the suggested music, and music for my yoga practice?



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