Ignite Your Spiritual Reality #2 Aradhana Webinar

What is keeping you from creating a daily spiritual practice? A lack of time, knowledge, and instruction? Or your own thoughts and feelings? Change your perspective to your spiritual practice with expert yogi and doctor, Dr. Sham Rang. Premium Members or Offering $10.00+

Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Breath Deep And Clear Emotions of the Past

Suitable for all ages. A full yoga class with a kriya, relaxation and deep guided meditation for clearing emotions of the past.

Time: 37 Minutes
What is Sabotaging You? The Hidden Self Revealed

Discover your 'hidden/reactive/shadow' self, the part of us that has a hidden agenda and undermines our soul purpose. It is a part of us others can often see easily but we cannot.

Time: 41 Minutes
Strengthening the Aura and Meditation To Sleep Easy

Suitable for all yogis. A full yoga class with pranayama, kriya for aura strengthening, relaxation and meditation. Great for doing before sleep by yourself, or with children.

Time: 45 Minutes
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