Reach To The Heavens - Sat Kriya 3 Minutes

If there is one kriya to practice daily it is this. Balance the lower chakras and feel meditative healing energy from this powerful ‘everything’ kriya. #1 of Sat Kriya Series building to 31 minutes.

Time: 28 Minutes
Waking Up and Overcoming Tiredness Kriya

This is an easy kriya you can do in bed before you rise for the day that takes only 15 minutes. Wake up the body and mind. Done entirely laying down it is also good at any time of the day to get the body relaxed and loose.

Time: 23 Minutes
Get The Body Out Of Distress and Totally Neutralize Tension

This easy kriya stimulates the bodies energy to move and release stagnant energy relieving the body of built up stress. The meditation helps relieve tension.

Time: 1 Hour 8 Minutes
Stress Busting Set For Adrenals and Kidneys

A Powerful kriya for rejuvenation. Get out of fatiguing stress, experience joy with full energy! With a 1 hour relaxation.

Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes Minutes
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