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Expert Guidance

  • Support on maintaining regular meditation routine.

  • Guidance on healing for health challenges.

  • How the mind and emotions deeply effect health.

  • Deeper commitment and inspiration.

Dr. Sham-Rang Khalsa is a rare mix of western medicine physician and eastern medicine healer certified in acupuncture, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and Ayurveda. He understands the complexities of the physical body which he has learned as an emergency room medical doctor, and the energetic patterns and responses influenced by thoughts, environments, and emotions. With 35 years of study and practice he draws on his experience and expertise to help people achieve true healing and open to their own innate, powerful self-healing gifts.

Success Stories

Listening to Dr. Sham Rang’s guidance to sit with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings and ask for Grace to come in, this brought me to tears immediately. What a cleansing and opening of myself to more love. Wow, what a gift. – Susan

Dr. Sham-Rangs shares knowledge with warmth and humor. His easy-going and approachable demeanor helped me lift me up, and made me feel I was capable of reaching my highest good. He gave me the tools to face the challenges of life. He lives what he teaches: he is the real deal, someone you can trust to help, someone who knows *how* to help. He possesses the tools and shares them gladly. He is a teacher of the highest caliber.
Child Care Specialist
I met Sham Rang while in the midst of an intense life transition. He has been a constant source of gentle guidance and a strong example of discipline. He teaches from a place of pure humanness. Sham Rang continues to inspire me to break patterns that have kept me from living my most brilliant truth.
Sarandev Kaur
Photographer and Mom
I am so grateful to have found Aquarian Yogi! The teachings are incredibly informative. Dr. Sham Rang, Sat Avtar and all the teachers teach and share authentically. I can't imagine my life without Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and this site is invaluable with techniques, inspiration and support. Dr. Sham-Rang is the most knowledgable and kind teacher of yoga and eastern healing arts I have ever studied with. His teaching will change your life.
Real Estate Agent and Yoga Teacher

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