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Learn how easy it is to make stand out yoga and marketing videos without spending a ton of money and why video is the #1 marketing tool of today. Step-by-step strategies for creating stellar videos for marketing, yoga, sales, and eCourses.

#1 Most Effective Marketing Tool

In This Free Webinar Learn


Tips on the best affordable equipment. Step-by-step process for pre-production organization. Get prepared for the best quality video.


Marketing is key to a success. Understand how to position video so that it expands your sales and opportunities.


Learn how using video in social media will grow your network and help you market yourself.

What My Clients Have To Say

Thank you for a great webinar! It was clear, concise, and very informative! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge!
Ravi Har Kaur

Thank you Sat Avtar! Her branding course and coaching have been amazingly helpful and inspirational!
Amanda Peaslee
Beautifier / Pure
Sat Avtar has brought out my focus for my brand and website. She is in tune with exactly what I want to convey and is very supportive. Working with her has been so helpful for me to take the next steps.
Carol Zemke
Yoga Teacher
From the moment I sent Sat Avtar a message I knew that the dream, visions, and goals for my healing & yoga business were in supportive, loving and creative heart and hands. Every day emails, messages, photos, video messages back and forth staying connected with the project. She went way above the call of service. Her overall love, passion and dedication to support me has made me see more clearly the journey my business will take moving forward.
Amanda Friel
Yoga Teacher / Ray of Light
Sat Avtar has helped me take it to the next level. She has taught me to prioritize, work efficiently, own my marketing and define my goals. I feel empowered and in control. My energy healing practice and yoga business is growing and flourishing in ways that I would never have been able to achieve without her coaching. She challenged me to ask the deep questions and help me find the answers. She's not only helped my business but has also helped me personally.
Yoga Teacher and Healer
I spent quality time and shared input with Jamie on creating my logo! She is intuitive, and spiritually guided this creation on every detail! I’m very pleased with the outcome, her design has had a great positive effect on my business!
Monica Flores
Yoga Teacher / Soul Flower Healing
Jamie did a beautiful job on my logo for my healing practice. She worked with me on exactly what I wanted and was very fast. I absolutely love my logo!
Jane Stenvig
Massage Therapist / Soul Harmony Healing