Kids Breathing Exercise For Good Sleep and Insomnia Relief

This breathing exercise relieves troubled sleep and creates a rejuvenating sleep. Great meditation for kids before bed. Alternate tune in for children, especially recorded for kids, families, and caregivers.

Time: 19 Minutes
Meditation For Rejuvenating Sleep and Insomnia Relief

This meditation relieves troubled sleep and creates a rejuvenating sleep, even if you only sleep a shorter number of hours. If you cannot fall to sleep, or toss and turn this meditation before bed will ease you into a deep sleep faster.

Time: 21 Minutes
Meditation For The Neutral Mind Experience The Soul

The neutral mind lives for the touch of vastness, where we experience our own soul. Call on the higher self through the neutral mind, penetrate through all barriers with this meditation.

Time: 32 Minutes
Hydration and Breath Technique For Emotional Balance

Dehydration is a major cause of stress and emotional imbalance. 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. Take a breath right now, and ask your body - Am I Drinking Enough Water?...

Time: 10 Minutes
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