What is Sabotaging You? The Hidden Self Revealed

Discover your 'hidden/reactive/shadow' self, the part of us that has a hidden agenda and undermines our soul purpose. It is a part of us others can often see easily but we cannot.

Time: 41 Minutes
The Meditative Application of Ayurveda For Optimal Health

Use the Ayurvedic system of healing to optimize your health. In this class learn the history of Ayurveda and its context in the modern world of medicine and healing.

Time: 1 Hour 22 Minutes
Sadhana Lecture With Dr. Sham-Rang

Lecture on the experience of Sadhana, the daily spiritual practice in Kundalini Yoga with Sham-Rang.

Time: 13 Minutes
The 3 Paths To Prosperity With Dr. Sham-Rang

Unlock your potential to prosperity with Dr. Sham-Rang. Discover the 3 paths to prosperity and how to create the energy of abundance through yoga, meditation and contemplation.

Time: 44 Minutes
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