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Creating a daily spiritual practice can be hard. Learn from a Master how.




What is keeping you from creating and committing to a daily spiritual practice?


A lack of time, knowledge, and instruction? Or is it your own thoughts and feelings? Change your perspective to your daily spiritual practice in this 3 part webinar series taught by expert yogi and doctor of eastern and western medicine, Dr. Sham Rang.

Let the process of developing a daily spiritual practice be a joyful one.  In this webinar series learn the three stages of spiritual development in yogic philosophy, Sadhana, Aradhana, and Prahbhupati. Experience techniques to navigate the emotional and spiritual components of these three stages. Get guidance and support in creating a practical daily spiritual practice that works for you.

Each webinar will be made available for download after its original date.

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Merging Ayurveda (traditional Indian yogic healing), with western medicine, and utilizing yoga and meditation Dr. Sham Rang guides people to a place of empowerment and connection with the divine consciousness. He supports students to activate there own self-healing power. He has dedicated his life to serving humanity through healing, teaching and counseling on the connection between the mind, the body and the spirt, the origins of disease and suffering, and how we can release ourselves from pain. His extensive knowledge of both western medicine and eastern healing gives him the rare insight into the emotional connections between illness and disease.

A yogi of 35 years, emergency room doctor, and Ayurvedic healer also certified in Acupuncture, he has developed a dedicated daily Sadhana practiced in the ’Amrit Vela’, as defined in the Kundalini Yoga tradition; spiritual practice between 4am and 6am that clears the subconscious and allows for optimal energetic conditions to connect with the supreme consciousness.



“Dr. Sham Rang has a way of pulling me into what he’s saying and it’s obviously much more than just the thoughtful, soft-spoken delivery. I find myself really truly listening and getting what he’s sharing.” -Darby Charvat

“I met Sham Rang 5 years ago while in the midst of an intense life transition. He has been a constant source of gentle guidance and a strong example of discipline, helping me to discover a morning ritual that works for me. He teaches from a place of pure humanness. Sham Rang continues to inspire me to listen deeply, acknowledge the dark and the light pieces of my self, and identify and break patterns that have kept me from living my most brilliant truth.” -Sarandev Kaur

“Your Prosperity Through Grace class at winter solstice was the right time and space for me and I feel I benefited deeply. It really resonated with me that I had mental blocks that would not allow me to receive prosperity, and I have now accepted that prosperity is part of my path. Thank you for being there, for being the vessel and for delivering the teachings.”-Harbhajan Kaur

“Sham Rang’s teachings exude kindness, patience and understanding. A boundless teacher and a divine soul, his wisdom goes beyond this lifetime. I am forever blessed to have met Sham Rang “Doc” Khalsa, as his teachings have changed my life in the most wonderful way possible.” -Dharam Atma Kaur”


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