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No More Sleepless Nights For Moms-To-Be – Free Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Yogi Bhajan’s encouragement to “see God in All or see God in nothing” has become a strong echo in my heart since becoming a mother!

Motherhood is a transformation of indescribable feats that has rocked me to the core and will continue to do so daily. These blessings and challenges have been chiseling me into the shape, sound and touch of my child’s first Teacher. Now more than ever intuition, grace and community are needed for moms everywhere.

If you are planning on having a child, in the midst of your pregnancy or already have children in college these short videos are for you. Take these teachings and wrap yourself in them. Let them comfort and strengthen you as you take your new form and know you have your Sangat – the company of the holy – at your side.


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