Breath Meditation with Singing Bowls and Gong

Hari Kaur guides us into a blissful realm of stillness and deep comfort. The otherworldly sound of a gong, singing bowls and bells is accompanied with chanting by Yeva Don and Michael Stern. A Vertical Space Production for WelcomeEarth, recorded at Emunity Records

Time: 15 Minutes
For A Calm Heart

Cultivate a calm and peaceful heart with Sat Nam Kaur. This meditation can be done for as little as 3 minutes. The beauty of this meditation is its subtleness. It is soft and heart warming.

Time: 14 Minutes
Reach To The Heavens Sat Kriya For 22 Minutes

If there is one kriya to practice daily it is this. Balance the lower chakras and experience powerful meditative healing energy.

Time: 1 Hour 3 Minutes
Sat Kriya 3 Minute with 2 Minute Rests 3 Cycles

Sat Kriya 3 cycles of 3 minutes with 2 minute rests. Balance the lower chakras, release entrenched patterns of fear, wounds of childhood, and psychologically damaging patterns. Feel meditative healing energy powerful ‘everything’ kriya.

Time: 1:03 Minutes
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