Break the Mask

Authenticity isn't just a way of living - it is a state of being and feeling. When we are aligned we experience real self-love, peace and an unshakable inner knowing. This 31 minute meditation breaks down blocks to experience our source self.

Time:36 Minutes
Ignite Intuition and Energise

Get light and feeling clear with this full class. Remove stagnant energy in the body with this energising kriya, paired with a meditation to access and ignite your intuition. Relax and release with a deep relaxation.

Time:1 Hour 6 Minutes
Pranic Renewal & Freeing the Subconscious

Renew your life force energy in this kriya that opens the throat and heart chakra and awakens the solar plexus. The meditation frees the subconscious of congested thoughts to release emotions and patterns.

Time:1 Hour 6 Minutes
Harmonious Energy and Enlightenment

Give yourself to the harmonious energies of healing, give your imbalances to the energy of this meditation. This meditation uses pranayama, mudra and mantra for alchemical transformation. Immerse yourself in sound to penetrate the invisible dimension of your being.

Time:37 Minutes
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