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In Yogic Teachings It Takes 40 Days To Break A Habit….Permanently.

Join Us For Our 40 Day Community Meditation - So Darshan Chakra Kriya - The Highest Kriya

Day #33 June 21 - The idea of being human is to find ones Infinity. - Yogi Bhajan


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40 Day Meditation Community Support Private Group

Join the Aquarian Yogi Facebook group for the 40 day meditation. This is a space where we encourage eachother to KEEP UP and talk about our experience with the meditation. You can also comment below via facebook or Google +.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya - The Highest Kriya

Of all the 20 types of yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is the highest kriya. This meditation cuts all darkness. It will give you a new start. It is the simplest kriya, but at the same time the hardest. It cuts through all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic inside-nature. When a person is in a very bad state, techniques imposed from the outside will not work. The pressure has to be stimulated from within. This kriya invokes the Kundalini to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative effects of the subconscious mind.

Develop the mind through meditation to experience neutrality and strength and ‘reach to the subtle, refined, and spiritual dimensions of your life and your relationships.’

For forty days we practice this one meditation each day – to create a new pattern, and new experience in our life. It is simple, powerful, yet sometimes challenging.

This video was filmed at the Yoga At The Ashram yoga center and Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, MA., where Dr. Sham-Rang and Sat Avtar are teachers. This beautiful center has guest spaces and retreats for those wishing to travel to immerse themselves in Kundalini Yoga.

Join Dr. Sham-Rang and Sat Avtar Kaur


Dr. Sham-Rang teaches the meditation in the video class which will be available May 20th when we commence our 40 day transformation. Dr. Sham-Rang did this meditation every day for an hour for 18 years.




Untitled-4Sat Avtar Kaur will be taking this 40 day journey, updating the group on her experience, and inspiring everyone to keep going and stay committed every day, as well as answering any questions.

What is Kundalini Yoga and Meditation?

Kundalini Yoga teaches you the techniques and awareness to get (and stay) healthy and strong in mind and body. “You gain a strong immune system, vital glands, a strong nervous system, good circulation, and an awareness of the impact of your habits. This foundation gives you energy and lets you deal with the mental and spiritual facets of your life.”

With home access to yoga, meditation, and mind-body healing classes break through the difficulty and resistance of integrating a daily practice into your life – and do it despite your busy and hectic schedule. A daily practice of meditation and mindfulness creates meaningful healing, awakening and lasting transformation.

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