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Yoga and the spiritual arts give us the full sensory experience; naturally.  Today we get addicted to technology and insta-satisfaction. But life should be a creative journey of depth. It should have heart.

We all want to feel real. To be seen. Status quo doesn’t work anymore. Try a new technology. Makes every day yours.

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‘Thank you for teaching me to speak from my full spectrum being. It has been supremely supportive. I have a deep gratitude for you and your vibrations. Wholeness and balanced vibrations.’ – Rukiya

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Mantra Tonics + Prana Power + Strength Sequences

‘A Gifted Songstress and Teacher…’

Experience life with your senses at full capacity; with vibrant joy and curiosity. We never have to feel disconnected. The disconnection we sense is not a true disconnection. It’s a micro disconnect with ourselves that creates a feeling of being apart from our body, our communities, and our purpose. It is a gap created in the psyche. We can carry ourselves through that feeling and bridge the gap. Repair your health, heart and mind. Act with clarity and intuition. Be creative. You can achieve optimal health, receive an endless flow of energy, and conceive your dearly held goals. Private sessions are intuitively guided, energetically healing spaces. We examine your self defeating patterns and use yoga, meditation and sound to recalibrate your energy. 

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Sat Avtar

Teacher & Mantra Singer