Own this collection of 8 kriya and 12 meditation DVD quality classes in HD downloadable format. Put on your personal device or burn to DVD. Each kriya and meditation are chosen for there stress busting power. Keep these classes in your practice to clear unwanted emotional pain and grief, focus your mind and build stamina so you have abundant energy to achieve your goals.

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Sham Rang’s teachings exude kindness, patience and understanding. A boundless teacher and a divine soul. I am forever blessed to have met Sham Rang “Doc” Khalsa, as his teachings have changed my life.
Dharma Atma
I am so grateful to have found Aquarian Yogi! The classes are beautiful and the teachings are so incredibly informative. Dr. Sham Rang, Sat Avtar and all the teachers teach and share authentically. I can't imagine my life without Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. This site is invaluable with techniques, inspiration and support.
Real Estate Agent
Aquarian Yogi is much more then just a yoga website. The teachers are experts, knowledgable, caring, and gifted. Kundalini yoga is an amazing technology which has really improved my life! Aquarian Yogi is accessible and convenient.
Childcare Specialist
I met Sham Rang while in the midst of an intense life transition. He has been a constant source of gentle guidance and a strong example of discipline. He teaches from a place of pure humanness. Sham Rang continues to inspire me to break patterns that have kept me from living my most brilliant truth.
Sarandev Kaur
Photographer and Mom

Bonus Class

What is Sabotaging You? The Hidden Self Revealed

Discover your 'hidden/reactive/shadow' self, the part of us that has a hidden agenda and undermines our soul purpose. It is a part of us others can often see easily but we cannot.

Time: 41 Minutes