Breath Meditation with Singing Bowls and Gong

Hari Kaur guides us into a blissful realm of stillness and deep comfort. The otherworldly sound of a gong, singing bowls and bells is accompanied with chanting by Yeva Don and Michael Stern. A Vertical Space Production for WelcomeEarth, recorded at Emunity Records

Time: 15 Minutes
For A Calm Heart

Cultivate a calm and peaceful heart with Sat Nam Kaur. This meditation can be done for as little as 3 minutes. The beauty of this meditation is its subtleness. It is soft and heart warming.

Time: 14 Minutes
Stress Busting Set For Adrenals and Kidneys

A Powerful kriya for rejuvenation. Get out of fatiguing stress, experience joy with full energy! With a 1 hour relaxation.

Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes Minutes
Increase Self Love – Kriya and Meditation with Sham-Rang

A full kriya class with Sham-Rang. An opening pranayam and breathing excersize is followed by a kriya to remove blocks in the flow of prana and apana. Enjoy a relxation and meditation. Dr. Sham-Rangs message is one of increasing the experience of self love.

Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
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