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16 Ways A Woman is Strong(er Than A Man) According To Yogi Bhajan

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I have heard it that Yogi Bhajan said women were 16 times stronger than men. Right now an uproar is happening in the film industry with the ACLU accusing the film…


The Kids Are Cranky – This May Be The Cause and The Cure

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There are a few things that make us all cranky - lack of sleep, food, and WATER. If the kids are cranky a lot, this may be the cause, and the...

No More Sleepless Nights For Moms-To-Be – Free Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Yogi Bhajan’s encouragement to “see God in All or see God in nothing” has become a strong echo in my heart since becoming a mother! Motherhood is a transformation of…


The BEST Alternative To Butter Is? Butter, Clarified. A Yogic Diet Oil.

| Blog, Recipes | No Comments

I bet your surprised to hear that. Technically were talking clarified butter…also known as Ghee, an important oil in the yogic diet. It is so easy to make and when…